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How it works

  • Tell us what you have to sell. If you have items in your wardrobe that you would like to recycle, make cash or fund a treat for yourself. Fill the form in to tell us about your item, that it is on it’s way and to create your account. The items must be washed or cleaned as appropriate and in excellent condition before it will be put on the site.
  • Send your items. Send your items to us; once received we will inspect the quality of the item. We recommend you send it by a carrier that will get a delivery signature. We put designer labels on our web site and the better the label the more you will get back. We have a section for dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, coats and jackets a wedding section to include wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride/groom outfits, quest outfits and accessories such as shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, wraps, jewellery and handbags.
  • Each Item is quality checked. Each item will be thoroughly checked before going on the site or out to the clients. You will receive 50% of the amount taken for each item and this will be paid out in an amount together at the end of the eight weeks or if all items are sold and payments cleared if shorter it will be paid at the earlier time.
  • Your Item is Listed. While your items are on the site we will conduct the necessary marketing so that we will give your items the best possible chance of selling. Once accepted and arrangements concluded the item will be uploaded and will remain on the site for eight weeks after which you can decide to keep it on the site for a further eight weeks at a reduced price. If the item does not sell after an agreed time any unsold items will be returned to you.
  • Money in your purse. We will transfer your sales revenue to your account. So if you have good quality item why not have a look through your wardrobe and start the process today and put those much loved and unused items working for you so you can treat yourself to something new that can be your new most loved item in your wardrobe.


Postage and Packaging

The seller is required to pay for their postage to DressXChange. If the buyer is in the UK postage is FREE. If the buyer is outside of the UK postage charges will be applied, Dresscxchange will contact the buyer after the order has been placed for payment of postage.

What happens if my item does not sell?

The item will be put on the site for 8 weeks at the agreed price. If it does not sell and you agreed at the start the price will be reduced by increments. In the unlikely event that it does not sell it will be returned to you.

What happens if my item is lost in the post?

We use a carrier that requires a delivery signature and can be tracked. We recommend that any seller who sends items to us does the same.

What are the commission rates?

The commision rates on sales is split 50/50

What happens if the buyer wishes to return the item?

All buyers have a statutory right to return items in a set period of time as per our T&C. There will be terms set out for the return of any item and if they are not met then the sale will stand.